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Opta Soft Technologies LLC is a Dubai, UAE based start-up Point-of-Sale (POS) company established in 2012. Opta Tech is now reign by a young team with the vision of servicing Small-Medium Enterprise (SMEs) and Sole Proprietorships as a POS provider that provides truly enterprising solutions. Business owners can view live sales reports using our cloud-based POS system with captured real time data..

More than simply keeping sales information, a strong POS system helps business owners understand their customers and market trends in making better decisions..

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What We Actually Do

We work at developing and delivering consumer-centric software and solutions to ensure growth for companies. We act as a dedicated point of sale technology provider in UAE for the past 8 years. We have a huge customer database around the globe that are using our self developed custom point of sale software along with peripherals.

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We hire and build your own remote dedicated development teams tailored to your specific needs.

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Our Mission

Enabling company owners to increase profitability with cutting-edge technology

Our Vision

To build and offer consumer-centric apps and products.

Our Philosophy

A customer-centric way of doing business is a way that offers a meaningful consumer experience.

Our Strategy

We’ll help you test bold new ideas while sharing your.

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Emilia Clarke
Retailer in UAE
Owner of Company
"I have been using Opta POS for more than four years now and with more than 6 stations in service, I can only suggest this point-of-sale device because of its ease of use, excellent efficiency and simple accurate statistics to manage the company efficiently and timely."
Emilia Clarke
Garment Retailer
Manager of Company
"Taking inventory is much more efficient and with the amount of time saved, we have more time to do our other tasks. We feel that we have greater vision and control over what is happening in our business with the use of opta cloud point of sale software!."
Emilia Clarke
Cosmetic retail Chain
Owner of Company
"I've seen a lot of systems on the market, both locally and online, and none are easier to use and teach staff, particularly in meeting all my requirement. But Opta Retail Software was important to me and to my business' continuing success."
Emilia Clarke
Grocery Retailer
Owner of Company
"Opta POS has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of our busy growing grocery store. We required a fully integrated POS program that would include clients, registry managers, back office and warehouse. Thanks to Opta Team for making a great product."
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